Treatment Planning

Treatment Planning

In most situations where multiple teeth are to be removed, preextraction planning regarding replacement of the teeth to be removed is necessary. This may be a full or removable partial denture or perhaps placement of a single or multiple implants. Before the teeth ‘are extracted, the surgeon should communicate with the re torative dentist and make a determination of the need 0; such items as interim partial immediate dentures. The discussion should also include mention of needs for any other type of soft tissue surgery, such as tuberosity reduction, and hard tissue surgery, such as removal of undercuts in critical areas. implants are to be placed at some later time, it may also be desirable to graft the extraction socket so that healing will be more complete and rapid .. In some situations, dental implants may be placed at the same time as the teeth are removed, which would require
tIfe preparation of a surgical guide stent to assist the surgeon in aligning the implants appropriately.

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