The Medical Assignment Screening Form

The Medical Assignment Screening Form is the easiest and fastest way to send a medical tech to an assigned patient. This form was designed specifically for dispatch centers and is a checklist of the most basic care that a medical technician should provide to their patients. A medical crew may have a limited amount of time to care for a patient, so it is imperative that the care provided is accurate and confidential.

A standard screening form contains four sections: records and codes, essential information, medical notes, and patient safety. It is recommended that a medical assignment crew prepare the form in triplicate, save it on CD or DVD, and have a copy sent to the dispatch center as a reminder of what they need to do in the event of a medical emergency.

Records and Codes are the first section of the form. Each record, code, or code contained within it is the data collected from the patient during the last trip. Everything from the first band-aid to the longest hospital stay are compiled here.

Essential Information is the next section of the form. This section must be current and accurate; vital statistics, insurance information, and any pertinent medical information should be documented here. This information must be noted and a patient record sent to the dispatch center if the patient’s condition has changed.

A medical crew will have to evaluate the physical condition of the patient before providing any assistance. If the patient is in an unstable condition, the screeners will be required to access the patient’s vital signs and act accordingly. Anything left out of the screener’s report may cause an injury, delay the dispatch, or delay treatment.

The next part of the form is the patient’s medical conditions. Each health condition is accounted for, such as low blood pressure, cancer, allergies, or previous injuries. These types of information are also necessary for the medical crew to accurately complete their reports.

The medical assignment screeners will only be able to work with the patient’s health information for a short amount of time. The medical assignment screening form is often requested by hospitals, clinics, and other organizations who require a list of conditions the patient is suffering from. Since each patient is unique, the medical assignments team will only receive limited information. The screener must quickly identify the most common conditions and develop a full diagnosis for each patient.

Since the screener will only get a quick overview of the patient’s health, safety, and well-being, they must be able to refer back to the report to identify any information gaps. The right screener must have an alert mind to double check the reports for errors or to contact the dispatch office with any information questions they may have. They must also take the time to document their patients’ medication and procedures so they can help prevent future accidents.

The final section of the screening form is the patient’s medical history. In the medical assignment screening form, the screen is given an extensive list of the medications and treatments that the patient has been prescribed, as well as any additional prescriptions. As these changes occur, the screener should carefully re-check the medical assignment file to determine whether the patient needs additional medication or if anything should be done.

To review this patient’s medical condition, the screen should go through the medical history and note any medical complications, conditions, or diseases that they were born with or acquired later in life. The screener should also ensure that any documented procedures are actually performed and that the patient is receiving the care that they should be receiving. If a patient’s past medical history indicates they may experience some sort of significant injury, a medical screener must review their medical history to determine what their injury will be and decide how to proceed.

One of the screen’s main responsibilities is to make sure their patients need less often. The screener will need to determine if the medical assignments file should be a full cover sheet, or if it should contain simply the name and date of birth of the patient and the condition the patient has. since medical conditions change frequently.

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