Clinical’ and radio graphic evaluation of the planned implant site is essential to treatment planning, to determine whether adequate bone exists and to evaluate the

BOX 14-5

Contra indications to implant Placement (NIH Consensus Conference)

• Acute illness
• Terminal illness
• Pregnancy
• Uncontrolled metabolic disease
• Tumoricidal radiation to the implant site
• Unrealistic expectations’
• Improper motivation
• Lack of operator’ experience
• Unable to restore prosthodontically

From US Department of Health and Human Services: Dental implants, NtH Consensus Development Conference Statement, 7(3):108, 1988

proximity of anatomic structures that may interfere with  implant placement. The combined surgical and restorative plan and feasible nonimplant alternatives are then presented to the patient so that he or she can make an informed decision whether to proceed with treatment.

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After the loss of natural teeth, bony changes in  the jaws begin to take place

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