Stretch or Abrasion Injury Medical Assignment Help

Stretch or Abrasion Injury 

Abrasions or burns of the lips and corners ,of the mouth are usually the result of the rotating shank of the bur rubbing on the soft issue (Fig. 11~3). When the surgeon is focused on the cutting end of the bur, the assistant should be aware of the location of the shank of the bur in relation to the cheeks and lips. If such an abrasion does develop, the dentist should advise the patient to keep it covered with Vaseline or an antibiotic ointment. It is important that the  patient keeps the ointment only on the abraded area and not spread onto intact skin, because it is quite likely to result in a rash. These abrasions usually take 5 to 10 days to heal. The patient should keep the area moist.with the ointment during the entire healing period to prevent eschar formation; .scarrtng, and delayed healing, as well as to keep the area reasonably comfortable.

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