Abnormalities of the soft tissue in the denture-bearing and peripheral tissue areas include excessive fibrous or hypermobile tissue; inflammatory lesions; such as inflammatory fibrous hyperplasia of the vestibule and inflammatory papillary hyperplasia of the palate; and abnormal muscular and frenal attachments. With the exception of pathologic and inflammatory lesions, many of the other – conditions do not present problems when the patient has   full dentition. However, when loss of teeth  ecessitates
prosthetic reconstruction, alteration of the soft tissue is often necessary. Immediately after tooth removal; muscular and frenal attachments initially do not present problems but may eventually  nterfere with proper denture
construction as bony res orption takes place. Long-term treatment planning before any soft tissue surgery is mandatory. Soft tissue that initially appears to be flabby and excessive may be quite useful if future ridge augmentation or grafting procedures are necessary. Oral mucosa is difficult to replace once it is removed. The only exception’ to this usefulness of excess tlssue is when pathologic soft tissue lesions require removal.

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