Sinus lift

Sinus lift

Rehabilitation ‘of the maxilla lising implants is frequently problematic because of the extension of thcmaxlllarv sinus into the alveolar ridge area. In many cases the actual size and configuration of the maxilla are satisfactory in terms of height and width of the alveolar ridge area.
However, extension of the maxillary sinuses into the alveolar ridge may prevent placement oi implants in the posterior maxillary area because of insufficient bony’ support. A sinus lift procedure is a bony augmentation procedure that places graft material inside the sinus and augments the bony support in the alveolar ridge area. In this technique an opening is made in the lateral aspect uf the maxillary wall, and the sinus lining is carefully elevated from the bony floor of the sinus (Fig. 13-37). Allogeneic bone. autogenous bone, or a combination’ of these materials ‘can be used as a graft source in these areas. The CUfrent method of choice usually incorporates some autoge-” nous bone material in the sinus graft. The graft is allowed
to heal for 3 to 6 months, after which the Iirst stage of implant placement can begin in the usual fashion described in Chapter 14. This procedure can performed 15outpatient surgery and ,docs not affect postoperative
denture wearing .

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