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l surgery, or rhinoplasty, can alter a patient’s  appearance and correct nasal obstructive svmptorns. When the-nasal septulT!. is also ‘modified the procedure i~ called a septorhin?plasty. Appearance changes rnav include modifying the nasal profile, the nasal bridge  width, removing a dorsal hump, or improving nasal tipdefinition (Fig. 26-15 ort page 612). Patients of all ages
may undergo nasal surgery. Younger patient s usually seekto balance. their nasal proportions with their existing facial features and eliminate nasal obstructive symptoms.  Older patients often hav rhinoplasty to rejuvenate a
drooping nasal profile. With aging the upper lateral cartilagescan separate and drift away from the nasal bones  above them, causing an apparent nose lengthening anddrooping nasal tip. This occurs more commonly in men.
Nasal surgery is performed most  ‘often with all internal nasal incisions (Fig. 26-16 n page 612). More extensivenasal surgical procedures may require an “open”  approach,” which uses an’ additional columellar skin








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