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Rhytids are skin folds, creases,. or wrinkles. Rhytids can be referred to as coarse or fine depending in the depth andanatomic cause: Rhytidectomy, or “removal of skin wrinkles,” is more commonly called face-lift surgery, This procedure rejuvenates sagging neck skin, jowls (i.e., sagging skin and fat posterior to the labiomental crease), nasolabial folds, and cheek laxity. Face lift surgery can


dissection of the various layers (Fig. 26-13 on page 610).  Frequently, the submuscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) layer is either partially resected or suspended superiorly (or both) and posteriorly to provide additional and longer-lasting effects. The excess skin is removed during wound closure
(Fig. 26-14, A to D, on page 611). To enhance neck contours, face-lift surgery often includes submental liposuction and platysma muscle tightening. Recovery from face-lift surgery takes about 14 days.” Potential complications include hematomal, facial nerve injury, and hypertrophic scar formation .


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