extraction of teeth is a procedure that incorporates the principles of surgery and .many principles from physics and mechanics, When these principles are applied correctly, a tooth can probably be removed intact from the alveolar process without untoward sequelae.This chapter presents the principles of surgery and mechanics for uncomplicated tooth extraction. In addition to a discussion of the fundamental underlying principles,there Is also a detailed description of techniques for removal of specific teeth with specific instruments.

At the outset It Is important to remember that removal of a tooth does not require a large amount of brute force but rather can be accomplished with finesse and controlled force In such a manner that the tooth Is not pulled from the bone but Instead is lifted gently from the alveolar process. During the preoperative period the degree of difficulty that Is’ anticipated for removing a particular tooth Is assessed. If the preoperative assessment leads the surgeon to believe that the degree of difficulty will be high and the Initial attempts at tooth removal confirm this, a deliberate surgical approach-not an application of excessive force-should be taken. Excessive force may Injure local tissues and destroy surrounding bone and teeth. Moreover, excessive force heightens the Intraoperative discomfort and anxiety of the patient. The most efficient way to remove a tooth Is slowly.

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