Principle of surgery

Principle of surgery

BOX 1-14

Management of Patient with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

1. Defer treatment until lung function has improved’
and treatment is possible.
,2. Listen to chest bilaterally with stethoscope to determine
adequacy of breath sounds’.
3. Use.anxiety reduction protocol, but avoid use of res-
, piratory depressants.
4. If patient is on chronic oxygen suppLementation, continue
at prescribed flow rate. If patient is not on supplemental
oxygen therapy, consult physician before
.administering oxygen.
5. If patient chronically receives corticosteroid therapy,
manage patient for adrenal insufficiency (see page 17).
6. Avoid placing patient in supine position until confident
that patient can tolerate it.
1: Keep a bronchodilator-containing inhaler accessible.
8. Closely monitor respiratory and heart rates.
9. Schedule afternoon appointments to allow for clearing of sections.

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