Prevention of Flap Tearing Medical Assignment Help

Prevention of Flap Tearing

Tearing of a flap is a common complication 0f  the next  perienced surgeon who attempts to perform a procedure using a flap that provides insufficient access. Because a properly repaired long incision heals just as quickly as a
short one, it is preferable to create a flap at the onset of surgery that is large enough for the surgeon to avoid either tearing it or interrupting surgery to enlarge it .Envelope flaps are those created by incisions that produce
a one-sided flap, An example is an incision made around, the necks of several teeth to expose the alveolar bone without any vertical incisions. However, if aI1 envelope flap goes not provide sufficient access, another incision should be made to prevent it from tearing (Fig. 3-3). Vertical
(oblique) releasing incisions should generally be placed one full tooth anterior, to the area of any anticipated bone removal. The incision is generally started at the line angle of a tooth or in the adjacent inter dental
papilla and carried obliquely apically into the unattached gingiva. It is uncommon to need more than one releasing incision when using a flap to gain oral surgical access.

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