Prevention and Management of Medical Emergencies

Prevention and Management of Medical Emergencies

BOX 2-3

Basic Life Support

• A-Airway
• B-Breathing
Ili (-Circulation
Airway obtained and maintained by combination of:
1. Extending head at the neck by pushing upward on
the chin with one hand and pushing the forehead
back with other hand
2. Pushing mandible forward by pressure on the
mandibular angles
3. Pulling mandible forward by pulling on anterior
4. Pulling tongue forward, using suture material or
instrument to grasp anterior tongue
Breathing provided by one of tile [ollowing:
1. Mouth-to-mouth or mouth-to-mask ventilation
2. Resuscitation bag ventilation
Circulation provided by external cardiac compressions

In dental access to other health care providers able to assist during emergencies, and H) equipping the office with supplies necessary to initially care for patients having serious problems (Box 2-2).


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