Presurgical Orthodontic Considerations

Presurgical Orthodontic Considerations

align the arches individually, achieve compatibility of the arches or arch segments, and establish the proper anteroposterior and vertical position of the incisors. The amount of presurgical orthodontics’ can vary, rangin,g
from only appliance placement in a few patients to . approximately 12 months of appliance therapy in those with severe crowding and incisor malposition.
Asthe patient is approaching the end of orthodontic preparation for surgery, it is helpful to take Impressions and examine the hand-articulated models for occlusal compatibility. Minor interferences that exist can be corrccted enhance the postsurgical occlusal result. After any  inal orthodontic adjustments have been made. large stabilizing arch v••.ires are inserted into the brackets. which provide the strength necessary to withstand the forces resulting from intermaxillary fixation (J~:F) and surgical

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