Preoperative Physical Examination of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Patient

Preoperative Physical Examination of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Patient

BOX 1-6

Head and face: General shape, symmetry, ha~r
Ear: Normal reaction to sounds (otoscopic examination
if indicated)
Eye: Symmetry, size, reactivity of pupil, color of sclera
and conjunctiva, movement, test of vision
Nose: Septum, mucosa, patency
Mouth: Teeth, mucosa, pharynx, lips, tonsils
Neck: Size of thyroid, jugular distention
Temporomandibular joint: Crepitus, tenderness
Paranasal: Pain over sinuses
Mouth: Salivary glands, floor of mouth, lips, muscles of
Neck: Thyroid size, lymph nodes
Percussion .
.Patanasal: Resonance over sinuses (difficult to assess)
Mouth: Teeth
Temporomandibular joint: Clicks, crepitus
Neck: Carotid bruits

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