preoperative health status

preoperative health status

BOX 1-17

Management of Hypertensive Patient

Mild-to-Moderate Hypertension
(Systolic >140; Diastolic >90)
1. Recommend that the patient seek the primary care
physician’s guidance for medical therapy of
2. Monitor the patient’s blood pressure at each visit and
whenever administration of epinephrine-containing
local anesthetic- surpasses 0.04 mg during a single i
visit. i
3. Use an anxiety reduction protocol. I’
4. Avoid rapid posture changes in patients taking drugs I’
that cause vasodilation.
5. Avoid administration of sodium-containing intravenous
(IV) solutions.
Severe Hypertension (Systolic >200; Diastolic> 110)
1.’ Defer elective dental treatment until hypertension is
better controlled.
2. Consider referral to oral and maxillofacial surgeon for emergency problems.

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