Preoperative health status

Preoperative health status

BOX 1-24

Management of Patient with a Seizure Disorder

1. Defer surgery until the seizures are well control-ed.
2. Consider having serum levels of antiseizure medications
measured if patient compliance is questionable.
3. Use anxiety reduction protocol.
4. Avoid hypog._ly_ce.m_i.a and fa_tigue.

tremens with hallucinosis, marked agitation and circulatory collapse.
Patients requiring oral surgery who exhibit signs of severe alcoholic liver disease or signs of ethanol withdrawal should be treated in the hospital setting. Liver function tests, a coagulation profile, and medical consultation
before surgery are desirable. In patients able to be treated Oil an ambulatory basis, the dose of drugs metabolized in the liver should be altered and the patient should be monitored closely for signs of oversedation.

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Ascites is the presence of fluid within the peritoneal cavity and is a common complication of

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