Postsurgical Dental and Periodontal Conslderatlons

Postsurgical Dental and Periodontal Conslderatlons
. The patient should be seen for a maintenance dental and periodontal evaluation approximately 10 to 1-1 weeks postoperatively. The mucoglngtvat status is reevaluated, the mouth deplaqued, and areas of inflamma’tion or
pocketing lightly instrumented. ‘frequent recall maintenance should continue during the remainder of orthodontic care when necessary. After the orthodontic appliances are removed, a thorough prophylaxis with a review
of oral hygiene techniques is advisable. A thorough periodontal reevaluation 3 to 6 months after completion of the postsurgical orthodontics will determine future treatment needs. Periodontal surgery, including crown-”
lengthening or regenerative procedures, should be performe fter the intlammation associated with orthodontic appliances has resolved, Areas of hyperplastic tissue should be observed for 3 to (;)months after ‘orthodontic
therapy, unless esthettc or restorative considerations necessitate earlier tissue removai. After completion of periodontal treatment, recall intervals should be adjusted to accommodate the individual patient’s needs.

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