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Postoperative Care

A radiograph should, be taken postoperatively to evaluate the positron of the implant in relation to adjacent struc- o. tures, such as the’ snus and inferior alveolar canal, and relative to other implants. Patients should be provided analgesics. Mild-to-moderate strength analgesics are usually sufficient. Rarely will ‘ potent oral analgesics be required. Patients should also be placed on 0.12% chlorhexidtne gluconate rinses (Peridex) for;l weeks after surgery to help keep bacterial populations at a minimum during healing. The patient is evaluated on a weekly basis until soft tissue wound healing is complete

(approximately 2 to 3 weeks). If the patient wears a denture ‘over the area of implant placement, the denture can be relined with a-soft liner after I, week and may be worn.

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