Physical Therapy’

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be extremely useful in the management of patients with temporomandibular pain and dysfunction. The most common modalities used include EMG biofeedback and relaxation training, ultrasound, spray and stretch, and pressure massage. Relaxation training, although perhaps not physical therapy in the strictest sense, can be extremely effective in reducing symptoms caused by muscular pain and
hyperactivity. During the educational phase, patients are made aware of the contribution of stress and muscular hyperactivity to pain. Relaxation techniques can be used to.reduce the effects of stress on mucle and joint pain.EMG monitoring of the patient’s ‘muscular activity can be
used as an effective teaching tool by providing instant feedback demonstrating relaxation therapy, reduction of muscular hyperactivity, and the resultant improvement in symptoms of pain. Ultrasound is an effective way to- produce tissue heating with the use of ultrasonic waves, which alter bloodflow and metabolic activity at a deeper level.than that
provided by simple surface moist-heat applications.F The effect of ultrasonic tissue heating is theeretically related to increase in tissue temperature, increase in Circulation, increase in uptake of painful metabolic by-products, and . disruption of collagen cross-linking, which may affect adhesion formation: All of these effects may result in a
more comfortable manipulation of muscles and a wider range of motion. In additi9n, intraarticular inflammation may also be .reduced with ultrasonic applications. Ultrasonic treatments are usually provided by a physical” therapist in combination ‘with other treatment modahties. The typic l routine for application of ultrasound is the U’l’ 01 n.7 to 1.0 watts per earn applied for approximately

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