Alveolar bone is maintained primarily in response to  stresses transferred to the bone through the teeth and periodontal ligament during mastication. By maintaing teeth wherever possible, resorption of bone under a prosthetic appliance may be minimized. An overdenture te hnique attempts to maintain teeth in the alveolus by transferring force directly to the bone and improving masticatory function with prosthetic restoration. The presence of teeth may also improve proprioception during function, and special retentive attachments can be. incorporated into the retained teethto imp ove denture retention and stability. Overdentures should be  considered wherever several teeth exist with adequate bone support and when good periodontal health can be maintained and the teeth can be properly restored. Bilateral canines are generally best suited for this type of-heatment. Because this technique also requires endodontic and prosthetic treatment of retained teeth, financial considerations must also be taken into account.A complete discussion of periodontal considerations is – not within- the scope of this chapter; however, it is extremely important to evaluate any potentially retained teeth before preparing the ‘patient for an overdenture. Adequate clinical and radio graphic evaluation of   teeth should be completed, including a  cxarnination,  evaluation of pocket depth around the tu’th.’ and evaluation ofthe attached gingiva .

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