Otoplasty is altering the appearance of the ears. The most common ear


cupped 1his deformity can be a source of awkwardness, eSI”‘cially in school-age children. Adults may also choose otoplasty for ear deformities not addressed while they were younger. Overly prominent ears are either
caused by hypertrophy of the conchal bowl cartilage (i.e., lower one half of the base) or lackof formation of the  antehelic fold (Fig 26-27, A and B).
Surgical correction involves exposig the ear cartilage through a postauricular incision. The cartilage is then partially excised or reshaped using cartilage scoring, sculpting techniques, and retention sutures (see Fig.
26-27, A and B) (Fig. 26-27, C to E). A molded protective dressing is worn for} week, and the patient then uses a ~headband to protect the ears during sleeping for a number of months. Possible complications of otoplasy include infection, asymmetry, hematoma, and recurrence of the
initial deformity. 10. 19





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