Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene

Patients “should be advised that keeping the teeth and mouth reasonably clean results in a more rapid healing oftheir surgical wounds. On the day of surgery patients (an gently brush the teeth that are away from the area of surgeryin the usual fashion. They should avoid brushing the teeth immediately adjacent to the extraction site to prevent a new bleeding episode and to avoid pain.
The next day, patients should begin gentle rinses with warm water. The water should be warm but not hot enough to burn the tissue ..Most patients can resume preoperative oral hygienic methods by the third or fourth day after surgery. Dental floss should be used in the usual fashionon teeth anterior and posterior to the ex:traction sites as soon as the patient is comfortable enough to do so. Uoral hygiene is likely to be compromised after extractions  in multiple areas of the mouth, local antibioticmouth rinses with agents such as chlorhexidine may be used. Twice-daily rinses for approximately 1 week after
surgery may result in more rapid healing.

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