Neuropathic Facial Pains Presenting as Toothache

Neuropathic Facial Pains Presenting as Toothache

Glossary of Pain Terms

Allodynia Pain caused by a stimulus that does
not normally’ provoke pain
Absence of pain in response to
stimulation that would normally be
Absence of all sensation
, ‘Pain caused by loss of sensory input
into the central nervous system
Unpleasant abnormal sensation,
whether spontaneous or evoked
(Note: Dysesthesia includes’paresthesia
but not vice versa.) ,
Increased sensitivity to noxious
Increased sensitivity to all stimulation,
‘excluding special senses (Note: When
the sensation is painful, the terms
allodynia and hyperalgesiamay be
Diminished sensitivity to noxious
Diminished sensitivity to all
stimulation, excluding the special
senses (Note: When the sensation is
pain, the terms hypaplgesia and anal-
~esia may be cpptoptiote.)
Pain in the distribution of a nerve or
Disturbance of function or pathologic
change in a nerve
Abnormal sensation, whether
spontaneous or evoked

Although this could refer to any neuropathic pain o trizerninal nerve origin, l:\’ or “tic douloureux” u.e. pamn.l ~i”, 11;1 ~jl{‘(ifjc inclusion criteria, Occurring most Irequently In patients over Si) yl:iIi~ of age (incidence I): 100,000; female-to-male 1 atlo 1.6: 1,O}, l:\’ usually  presents with sharp, electric shocklike pain in theface or mouth, The pain is intense, Iasrlng for brief periods of seconds to 1 minute, after which there is a rcfractory
period during which the pain cannot be reinitiated for a period of time, At times, a background aching or burning pain is present. Usually a “trigger zone” is present where mechanical stimuli such as soft touch may
provoke an attack, Firm pressure to the region is genuallv not (l~ provocative. Common cutaneous trigger ZOIlC~ include the corner of the lips; cheek, ala of the no-c. or !:I:’:rJI hrovv, :\ny intraoral sill’ may also be_a  rigger WIll’ for T;\, including the teeth, gingi\’,l(‘, or longu , ‘I rigger zones in both the \’2 and \’3 distrihut ions are 111O\t (,01 11111on, after which they oc CUI alone (and iri dvcn-asmg order of incidencvr in the \ ,{, \’2, .md \’1 divtrihutinns. The pain ofT” illuvt ratcs ail Important
dlst inction 01 ncurop.u h

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