Modifications for Extraction of Primary Teeth

Modifications for Extraction of Primary Teeth

It is rarely necessary to remove primary teeth before substantial root resorption has occurred. However, when removal is required, it must be done with a great deal of care, because. the roots of the primary teeth are very long and delicate and subject to fracture. This is especially true because the succedaneous tooth causes resorption of coronal portions of the root structure and thereby weakens it. The forceps usually used is an adaptation of the upper and lower universal forceps, the no. 1505 and the no.  1515. They are adapted and forced apically in the usual fashion, with slow, steady pressures toward the buccal aspect and return movements toward the lingual aspect.

Rotational motions may be used but should be minimal and used judiciously with multirooted teeth. The dentist should pay careful attention to the direction of east resistance and deliver the tooth into that path. If the roots of the primary molar tooth embrace the crown of the permanent premolar, the surgeon should consider sectioning the tooth. Rarely the roots hold the crown of the permanent premolar firmly enough in their grasp to cause it to be extracted also.

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