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Midface Fractures
Midfacial fractures inciude fractures affecting the maxilla, the zygoma, and the NOE complex. Midfacial fractures can be classified as Le Fort I, II, or III fractures, zygomaticomaxillary complex (ZMC) fractures, zygomatic arch fractures, or NOE fractures. These injuries may be isolated or occur
in combination.

The most common type of midfacial fracture is the zygomatic complex fracture (Fig. 24-15, A). This type of fracture results when an object, such as a fist or a baseball, . impacts over the lateral aspect of the cheek. Similar trauma
can also result in isolated fractures of the nasal bones, the orbital rim, or the orbital floor areas (Fig. 24-16). The zygomatic arch may also be affected, either alone or in combination with other jnjuries (see Fig. 24-15, Band C).

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