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Meningitis is one of the types of diseases. It is defined as the swelling facing by a person on the spinal cord as well as on the brain. On the other hand, Septicaemia is another type of disease. Septicaemia is defined as the disease which can occur due to the blood poisoning.

Symptoms and Signs of these disease

Both of the diseases have numerous symptoms. The most common symptoms of these diseases are headache, vomiting, feeling unwell and high fever. These symptoms of both this diseases are discussed below:


An individual usually have fever and vomiting problem in this disease.

A person is also faced severe kind of headache.

Rash on a body of a person

People feel stiff neck and dislike the bright light.

A person takes a long sleep which is more than the normal sleep.

People normally feel confuse and seizure in this disease.


Vomiting and fever problem in a person

They normally feel severe type of headache, and pain in the muscle, limb, and joint.

Most of the time, the people feel are shivering.

The breath rate of a person is become fast or low.

In this disease, the body of a person is also become soft.

People take long hours of sleep.

People are feeling confused as well as the rashers are appear on the body.

These diseases have a large number of after effects. These diseases have changed the lives of the individuals significantly. Most of the individuals have faced the after effects of these diseases for the whole life.

Septicaemia is a bacterial disease; whereas the meningitis is a viral or bacterial disease. Meningitis is usually bacterial or viral. Septicaemia is usually bacterial. Viral meningitis diseases are repulsive in nature however it will not provide threat to the life of the people and a large number of people are quickly recover from this type of disease. Bacterial septicaemia and meningitis diseases are generally caused to the individuals due to the varieties of Bacteria.

Moreover, there are thousands of people in the world who are already affected by the septicaemia and meningitis. Normally, the children and babies under the age of five are at risk; however any individual might be affected from these diseases at any stage of his life. In addition, the scientists or doctors have found numerous treatments in order to give protection to the individuals regarding these diseases. However, the vaccines for these diseases are only available in few parts of the world. A large number of populations are unable to get these vaccines which can be helpful in order to prevent meningitis and septicaemia.

It is necessary for the people to keep focusing on the precautions of these diseases, until or unless a person will be able to get the vaccines of these diseases. Precautions are helpful in saving the life of someone, if he is unable to get the treatment of the disease.

A large number of people are often recovering from meningitis and septicaemia disease and they do not suffer from any after effect. However, it can cause several kinds of disabilities in the people. The after effects of these diseases are physical or emotional and permanent or temporary.

A non-profit organization is introduced regarding the meningitis disease. The name of the organization is National Meningitis Association (NMA). It is founded the founded by the parents of the children who face permanent disabilities as well as deaths due to the meningococcal disease. The doctors or professionals of this organization have a significant knowledge regarding meningococcal disease.

Most of the meningococcal diseases are caused by the bacterial infection. It might cause any permanent disability or the death. However, there are numerous times, the people are recovering from these disease. These diseases are also called as bacterial meningitis. Moreover, these diseases can be prevented by using the vaccines and various other treatments.

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