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It is referred to as the health care program designed by the federal government to the general public to any country. In this program, the federal government gives the health insurance programs to the people who are elder than the age of 65.This program also provides health care insurance to the younger people who have any kind of disability. Basically, this program is available for those who are unable to finance their health care programs. In this health care program, federal government bears all the treatment cost of the patient. All kinds of patients are allowed to use the Medicare services of the federal government.

Medicare services were introduced due to the Social Security Act which came into existence in 1965.A federal government which provides the Medicare services to the general public of the country. It offers health insurance programs regarding several kinds of diseases to the people who are not financially strong. The objective of the Medicare services is to provide the health services to the US residential people who aged 65 or more. These people should have a US nationality from at least last fifteen years. The young people are also allowedto get the Medicare services of federal government; however the condition is that these people should be disabled from any part of the body.

Medicare services are only pay the 80% cost of the treatment of an individual, although the remaining 20% payment of the treatment is the responsibility of the patient. In addition, the remaining 20% percent amount will also be paid any third party such as private insurance company and many others.The funds of the Medicare services are generated through the payroll taxes of any corporation. The 2.9 percent of the payroll tax are investing in the funds of Medicare services. Half of the amount of payroll taxes is paid by the employers in the Medicare services funds. On the other hand, the remaining part of the payroll taxes is the paid by the employees. However, if the person is self–employed, then he is liable to pay all the amount of payroll taxes in the Medicare services.

Moreover, if the person is paying payroll taxes continuously from the last ten years then he is not required to pay the additional amount at the time of medical treatment. On the other hand, if a person has not paid payroll taxes from the last 40 quarters, then he is obliged to pay the extra premium for the medical treatment.

Medicare services are provided by the federal governments to the general public. These services are usually offered for those people who have small amount of earning. In addition, they do not have enough income that is why they will be unable to afford health care expenses. All the persons who aged more than 65 are allowed to avail Medicare services.

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