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Medical Staff Mernbership

Membership on a hospital medical staff is not usually gained by simple request. The hospital’s credentials committee, consisting of physicians and dentists on the medical staff and their admlnlsrratlve support staff, carefully
reviews the qualifications of doctors applying for staff membership to ensure that individualsgranted privlleges . are competent to practice in the ‘hospital environment and have no evidence of criminal, ethical, or other such
problems in their past Various levels of medical staff membership exist (e.g”

BOX 31-1

Guidelines for Answering Consultations

• State reason for consultation in”opening sentence
• State that chart has been reviewed and patient
examined’ .
J • Be brief but thorough, particularly with dentofacial
portion of the examination
• Be specific with recommendations
• Provide contingency plans
• Follow up written consultation with verbal contact
with requesting doctor ‘ ‘ i • Follow patient’s progress until dental problem is

active, associate, courtesy), each ,carrying certain pnvrleges and restrictions. Staff membership, however, ‘ne\’er automatically gives the dentist the privilege to admit the hospital or to use the 0’perating room facilities. These privileges are granted based. on a review of the applying dentist’s education and. experience. Dentists who have completed a general practice residency or dental specialty training that provided hospital experience usually have little difficulty gaining medical staff membership and some admitting privileges. However, because of hospital regultions, most dental patients admitted to a hospital by dentists other than oral and maxillofacial surgeons will require a physician’s participation in the ad~ission process

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