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Medical Homework can be a very frustrating and exhausting task. By following a few simple guidelines you will be able to achieve your assignment results in record time.

Before beginning your assignment, make sure that you have followed the appropriate steps in preparing for the assignment. You need to have completed your Home Assignment Worksheet; obtained all of your documentation; have reviewed your Home Assignment Worksheet and written a Home Assignment Personal Statement; then prepared to submit your application.

The most important step in the process is making sure that you have the proper records available. Reviewing your Home Assignment Worksheet should provide you with a list of all of the necessary information you will need to get started. Not everything on the list will be needed at first, but you may need to contact the college’s Registrar’s Office to verify the information you need.

You also need to review your Personal Statement and if needed, update your personal statement. Check for errors in grammar and punctuation and make sure you have submitted your Medical Homework. If you have any questions about your personal statement, the medical school should be able to answer any questions you may have.

For most Medical Homework you do not need to worry about your Personal Statement and Assignment because it is already filled out. However, for other assignments, you may need to fill out your Personal Statement or send in a previous assignment. Check with the school before you submit your assignment so that they know which information you need.

Next, check your home assignment. You should start with your placement choices. For most Medical Homework you will choose to work with a traditional placement agency such as Ameriplan, Chubb, Delta, or Fleet; or you may choose to work directly with a Medical Homework Team Member. The choice of which placement to use is entirely up to you.

Once you have determined where you would like to work you will need to review your Medical Research Documentation to make sure that all of the required information is available. This documentation can include the complete application form, medical research information, and correspondence from schools that have worked with you. If you have additional documentation, such as a physical or school transcript, it is best to add those too to keep your documentation current.

After you have checked your documents and completed your home assignment, the next step is reviewing your Medical Homework. You will need to make sure that all requirements are met for each assignment before you move forward.

Be sure to set aside enough time to review all of your assignments. Review your Assignment Worksheet for each assignment and review the assignment itself for errors and inconsistencies. This is especially true for assignments that contain testing material such as questionnaires and tests.

Be sure to send your assignments through the correct Medical Homework Teams. The right teams for the Medical Homework are:

The requirements for your assignments may be different from the requirements for regular Medical Assignments. When possible, always send your assignments through the correct Medical Homework Team.

Do not send any test paper or other sample work through a Homework Team unless it is specifically instructed by the Medical School. Also, if the Medical School says that you are “required” to send a test or sample, ensure that you have included a copy of the test or sample as well.

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