Maxillary Vestibuloplasty with Tissue Grafting Medical Assignment Help

Maxillary Vestibuloplasty with Tissue Grafting

When insufficient labiovestibular mucosa exists and lip shortening would result from a submucosal vestibuloplasty technique, other vestibular extension techniques must be used. In-such cases a modification of Clark’s vestibuleplasty technique using mucosa pedicled from the upper  lip and sutured at the depth of the maxillary vestibule after a supraperiostcal dissection can be  Tne denuded periosteum over the alveolar ridge heals by secondary epithelialization, Moderate discomfort can occur in the postoperative period, and a longer time is required (6 to 8 weeks: before denture construction. Main-tenance of the maxillary vestibular depth is  unpredictable,The use of a labially pedicled mucosal flap combined with
tissue grafting  over the exposed periosteum of the maxilla provides the added benefits of more rapid healing OH’r the area of previously exposed periosteum and more  dictable long-term maintenance of vestibular depth.

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