Maxillary second premolar Medical Assignment Help

Maxillary second premolar

The maxillary second premolar is a single-rooted tooth for the root s entire length. The root is thick and has a blunt end. Consequently, the root of the second premolar fractures only rarely. The overlying alveolar bone is similar to that of other maxillary teeth in that it is relatively thin toward the bucca, with a heavy palatal alveolar palate.

The recommended forceps is the maxi nary universal forceps, or no. 150 some surgeons prefer the no. 150A. The forceps is forced as far apically as possible so as to’ gain ‘maximal mechanical advantage in removing this tooth. Because the tooth root is relatively strong and blunt, the extraction requires relatively strong movements to the bucca, back to the palate, and then in the
buccoocclusal direction with a rotational, tractional force (Fig. 7-63).

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