Maxillary Excess

Maxillary Excess
Excessive growth of the maxilla may occur in the anteroposterior, vertical, or transverse dimensions. Surgical correction of dentofacial deformities with total maxillary surgery (i.e., Le Fort I) has only become popular since the
early 197,Os. Before that time maxillary surgery was performed on a limited basis, and most techniques repositioned only portions of the maxilla with segmental surgery. During the early years of maxillary surgery, many
techniques were performed in two stages: Facial or buccal cuts were performed during one operative procedure; then sectioning of palatal bone was performed 3 to 4 weeks later. This staging was done under the assumption
that this was necessary to maintain adequate vascular supply to the osteotomized segment. As experience and understanding of these techniques increased, several procedures for anterior and posterior segmental surgery
evolved that used single-stage techniques. 16-1 .

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