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Mandibular Teeth

When removing lower molar teeth, the index finger of the left hand is in the buccal vestibule and the second finger is in the lingual vestibule, reflecting the lip, cheek, and tongue (Fig. 7-65). The thumb of the left hand is placed below the chin so that the jaw is held between the fingers and thumb, which support the mandible and minimize TMJ pressures. This technique ‘provides less tactile information, but during ‘extraction of mandibular teeth the need to support the ‘mandible supersedes the need to support the alveolar process. A useful alternative is to place a bite block between the teeth on the contralateral side (Fig. 7-66). The bite block allows the patient to help provide stabilizing forces to limit the pressure on the TMJs. The surgeon’s hand should continue to provide additional support to the jaw.

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