Mandibular Retromolar Pad Reduction Medical Assignment Help

Mandibular Retromolar Pad Reduction

The need for removal of mandibular retromolar hypertrophic tissue israre. It is important to determine that thepatient is not posturing the  andible forward or vertlcal- Iy ovcrcloscd during clinical evaluation and with treat-: mcnt recor ds and mounted .casts. Local anesthetic infiltration in the area requiring excision is sufficient. An elliptic incision is made to excise the greatest area of tissue  thickness i;~ the posterior ‘mandibular area. Slight thinnillg of the adjacent areas is carried out with the majority of the tissue reduction on’ the labial aspect. Excess removal of tissue in the submucosal area of the lingual
flap may resut in damage to the lingual nerve and artery. The tissue is approximated with continuous or  interrupted sutures.

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