Mandibular Excess

Mandibular Excess

l.xccss growth of the mandible frequently results in an abnormal occlusion with c1;]ss III molar arid cuspid relationships and a reverse overjet in tile incisor area, An obvi- ‘(JUS facial deformity mav also be evident. Facia! features associated with mandibular excess include a prominence of till’ lowvr th iI’d 01 till’ !;tll’, pa rticularlv ill the ;IJ’l’.1of Ihe lower lip and c hin in thl’ ;tlltl’IOj>()\terior and vertical dimcnviunv. III \l’\’l’ll’ GI\l” till’ large reverse overjet muvdecreased sensation in the area of the lower-lip and chin
during the immediate postoperative period.

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