Management ofthe Hospitalized Patient


Administrative Organization
Medical Staff Membership
Emergency Room Consultations
Inpatient Consultations
Requesting a Consultation
Hospitalizing Patients for Dental Care
. Deciding on Hospita’tTzation
Day Surgery Facilities
Preoperative Patient Evaluation

Care of Hospitalized Patient
Operating Room Protocols
Dental Surgeon and AssIstant Preparation
Postoperative Responsibilities
Management of Postoperative Problems.
Airway Problems
Nausea and Vomiting
Fluids and Electrolytes
Blood Component Transfusion

Most dentists find they can practice without hospital facilities, but the ability to care for patients in a hospital setting adds a stimulating-dlmension
to a dentist’s professlonal life. As a vital member of a community’s health care team, the hospital-affiliated dentist is consulted about the dental needs of patients in the emergencyroom and of those admitted to the hospital by other doctors or the dentist. Dentists who join a hospital medical staff arc permitted to perform dental consultations for hospitalized patients and to bring patients to the hospital to perfurm procedures best done there. In addition, for dentists seeking to provide-care with their patients under general anesthesia, .comrnunity surgery centers are often the ideal answer

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