lip Augmentation orReduction

lip Augmentation or Reduction

Lip augmentation can increase the thickness and vertical exposure of either the upper’ or lower lip. However, this  procedure is most commonly performed on the upper lipto accent the perioral region. Generally the lower lip is 30% larger in vertical dimension (i.e., vermilion to wetline) than the upper ‘lip. Many methods for lip augmentation are available and include implantation of synthetic materials, bovine collagen, human cadaveric dermis,  and autologous fat or dermis. Each material has its ownadvantages and disadvantages. The selected material is placed to plump the lip’s central vermilion and to define  the vermilion border.Although less commonly performed, lip reduction, or cheiloplasty, is also possible. Excess tissue is removed from the intraoral portion of the protuberant lip and the lip’ mucosa undermined and sutured in a more internally-rotated position (Fig. 26-28, .-i and B). Recovery  ranges from days to weeks, depending on themethod used.>
Potential complications include’ infection, .asymmetry, and over- and undercorrectlon. Additionally many of the’ natural materials placed in the lips resorb with time and  may require further augmentation,

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