Learn How to Complete Medical Missions in Star Trek Online

Hailing from Hope Island, Star Trek Online is a free-to-play MMORPG that lets you control your character on a fully operational warship. You can adventure in its eight planets in this galaxy or opt for a medical assignment. Just like in real life, the medical assignments in this MMORPG offer better rewards.

You may be in distress on the moon’s surface when your colleague on the bridge calls for assistance. When you arrive, the captain welcomes you and asks if you would like to continue your medical assignment.

This is actually the third time, you will need to finish your medical assignment. You have to explore several planets on your way to reach Hope Island. In between exploration, you need to find and gather various resources, which you then need to repair, upgrade, and build equipment to help heal the patients in the medical ward.

Your medical assignment can take different forms. It can be a simple job to find and harvest energy resources or it can also involve finding and harvesting gas reserves to fuel medical facilities. You may also be tasked to find and harvest materials to repair medical items.

You can perform tasks for the patients to improve their quality of life or you can go to the battle stations and fix problems with the ship’s engineering systems. As you progress in level, you will be able to perform more complex tasks like surgery and genetic enhancement to enhance the strength of the crew.

Every medical assignment requires the completion of some tasks or achievements. Some of these tasks include research and development, which require a specific science skill.

When you complete a medical assignment, it will either give you a reputation for treating the sick on the islandor reward you with experience points. Reputation can be gained by treating several people and increasing your skills that are used in the medical field.

Certain achievements will also give you reputation and help improve your skills, making it easier to complete future assignments. Even if you are only allowed to do one mission in each planet, you can still earn reputation and keep your skills up.

One of the best ways to get reputation is to do repeat missions to a ship that has a large amount of reputation after a medical assignment. These missions can be rather expensive, but they will allow you to raise your skills and reputation. When you reach level 10, there is another mission where you need to help two patients and earn reputation.

Other missions can also provide experience points and reputation, but the quests are more difficult and you will need to complete them in the order listed in your assignment log. Reputation and experience points are used by some of the available ships for different characters to enhance the profession skill and further equip you with the necessary skills to achieve other assignments.

You can check the assigned medical assignment by clicking on the “Medical Assignment” tab at the top left corner of the screen. On this tab, you will see the main task you need to do during your medical mission, which is to locate and collect materials to build items that will help heal the patients.

Your main objective for completing the mission is to heal the patients, which will grant you reputation and experience points for that assignment. Each assignment can also have different tasks for the other crew members.

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