Lateral.Palatal Soft Tissue Excess

Lateral.Palatal Soft Tissue Excess

Soft tissue excess on- the lateral aspect of the palatal vault
often interferes with proper construction of the denture

As with bony abnormalities of this area, soft tissue hypertrophy often narrows the palatal vault and creates slight undercuts, which interfere with denture. construction and insertion. One technique suggested for removal of-lateral palatal soft tissue involves submucosal resection of the excess tissue in a manner similar to the previously described  oft tissue berosity reduction. However, the amount and  exte nSlhn of soft tissue removal under the mucosa is much more extensive andcreates the risk of damage to
the greater palatine vessels, -with possible hemorrhaging or sloughing of the lateral palatal soft tissue area. The preferred technique requires uperficial excision of the soft tissue excess. Local anesthetic infiltrated in thegreater palatine area and anterior to the soft tissue mass is sufficient. With-a sharp scalpe -blade in the tangential fashion, the superficial layers of mucosa and underlying. fibrous tissue can be removed to the extent necessary to

undercuts in soft tissue bulk (Fi;’-13-19). After removel of this tissue, a surgical splint lined with a tissue conditioner can be inserted for 5 to 7 clays to aid in healing.


































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