Rongeur Forceps

The instrument most commonly used for removing bone is the rongeur forceps. This instrument has sharp blades that are squeezed together by the handles, cutting or pinching through the bone. Rongeur forceps have a leaf spring between the handle so that when hand pressure is released, the instrument will open. This allows the surgeon to make repeated cuts of bone without manually reopening the instrument (Fig. 6-16, A). The two major designs for rongeur forceps are (1) a side-cutting forceps and .(2)the side-cutting and end-cutting forceps (Fig. 6-16, B).

The side-cutting and end-cutting forceps (Blumenthal rongeurs) are more practical for most dentoalveolar surgical procedures that require bone removal. Because they are end-cutting these-forceps can be inserted into sockets for removal of interradicular bone, but they can also be used to remove sharp edges of bone. Rongeurs can be used to remove large amounts of bone efficiently and quickly. Because rongeurs are relatively delicate instruments, the surgeon should not use the forceps to remove large amounts of bone in single bites. Rather, smaller amounts of bone should be removed in each of multiple bites. Likewise the rongeurs should not be used to  Remove teeth, because this practice will quickly dull and destroy the instrument. Rongeurs are usually quite expensive, so care should be taken to keep them in working order

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