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Home care at Carolina Health Care System enables patients in South Carolina and North to receive world class health care in the comfort of their own house. The team of experts at Healthy Home provides sympathetic attention and advanced services outside the range of a medical facility.

Healthy Home has founded to fulfill the needs of the patients in their own houses. It has more expertise, greater accessibility, and more services than every other house care provider in the industry.

The average homeowner lacks information and dependable resources pertaining to risks regarding environment.

Constructing or buying a house, having clean-up and an environmental review is an essential measure in protecting the health of the family. Healthy Homes will do everything to ensure that the house is safe before, during, and once someone move in. New houses can be fitter than used houses since they might have used most recent materials, design and technology to encourage good health for the whole family. That is the reason why a new house is a bright alternative which has numerous elements at no additional price. We are proud to offer these new healthy houses in affordable prices in several communities throughout the country.

We are dedicated to protect families and kids from the dangers of poor indoor air quality caused by free agents, allergenic mold, toxic mold, black mold, a wet cellar and many others.

Since 2005, Healthy Home Cleaning Solutions is an unaffiliated family owned company which has pleasing customers in the Eugene Albany & Salem region. Our principle is to ensure that we are giving best customer services and the finest quality workmanship. The technicians of our services have competent skills which can help them in order to complete the task at a right time. Great communication and getting our trust is important. We are always adopting the most recent techniques and technologies to ensure that one can get high quality services. A Healthy Home additionally specializes in alleviating the house of dust mites. We provide a free in-house evaluation to find out whether someone has an issue or not.

There are a large number of people who have issues with Bed Bugs. The Environment Protection Agency lately declared bed bugs a pest outbreak. An outbreak does not discriminate on cleanliness, economical status and the area in which a person live. Rather simply, they are able to attack at any given moment.

Many health problems are linked to the environment in which we reside. Asthma and lead poisoning are only two of the serious health risks which were associated with substandard housing conditions. Low income communities are excessively impacted by these states, which have dangerous health consequences for kids and other exposed people. These are environmental issues with health consequences and one should not need to select between their health as well as a roof over their head.

The Healthy Homes Collaborative is an organization of community-based organizations committed to remove environmental health hazards in communities and houses.

A Healthy Home is a designed, built, maintained, or rehabilitated home in ways that supports residents’ well-being.

This is an integrated systems level strategy that considers the individuals residing in the possible health hazards in the homes. It is an efficient and powerful strategy that is because humans and home issues are considered jointly in a unified manner.

A Healthy Home is a residence that features the following features:


Excessive moisture in the house can be avoided through suitable care as well as plumbing systems, temperature control, ventilation and appropriate building techniques.


Prevent areas for shelter, control food, water, and entrance.


There are several affordable and easy methods to stop home injuries.

It is easier to prevent vulnerability to contaminants, subsequently it treat their effects and remove them.


Systems ought to be scrutinized frequently to ensure appropriate function.

Follow the easy measures summarized in this publication that is one of a kind and find out the best way to turn the house into a risk-free safe shelter.

Following is a peek of what is inside:

Is the nonstick cookware poisoning someone?

The nonstick pans can discharge poisonous gases which are dangerous to people and pets when overheated. Perhaps the additional scrubbing of a standard pan have worth?

Has the living room become a dead zone?

Comfy sofas, snuggly throws, and riveting novels surely can make the living room an excellent spot to unwind. Change to an Ethernet interface from wireless and keep electronic equipment unplugged when not in use.

Is the toilet safe?

Most toilets have more hazardous substances than a garage. One may be consuming toxins from the bottles and tubes sitting on the own shelf and in the shower, without even understanding it.

Are the people consuming dangerous substances while they sleep?

Substances added to materials to improve durability and wrinkle resistance which have been connected to both developmental and reproductive toxicity. Switch to rest and organic cotton bedding simple.

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