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Looking for health and dental care in Helensvale Queensland? You are not alone. The Helensvale Medical Centre, located at 6889V of the Brisbane City Region is a Medical Outpatient Service providing medical and general acute healthcare services to residents of the Brisbane City and surrounding areas.

Our business is to treat people and their pets with kindness, compassion and dedication; every day. Each person and their pet are special and precious to us. Our aim is to provide the best care that we can to each person and their pets and to provide everyone with the peace of mind that we are there to help whenever and wherever needed.

“I was very happy to be in the Helensvale Medical Centre and I got a big hug from one of the staff, Sarah, she told me I was a star and that I had to leave before they were done with me”. She may have been exaggerating slightly, but there was no mistaking it for a scene from a movie.

At Helensvale Queensland we provide a range of services to people of all ages and with varying requirements, just as you would expect to find in any urban area. We provide non-emergency medical care, ambulatory care, chiropractic spinal care, dentistry, general dental care, hospice care, full and partial dentures, dental prophylaxis, and patient counselling.

We provide medical care within our medical clinic, a nearby medical centre, which is similar to your own GP surgeries where you can find general medical care. We also provide specialist medical care for people who require more complicated or lengthy treatments.

There are some people that would rather take their health into their own hands rather than relying on others to provide for them. For those people, we offer full-time employment with benefits and facilities to assist with their continuing medical needs.

This is where you will get everything you need, a written contract, a permanent job, and your own private health insurance policy. Even if you have lost your job or have had an injury we can still help.

If you are looking for work and want to prove your qualifications you can have your personal information verified. For further information and a short application form just visit the home page. Your health and well being are a top priority to us, we want to help you achieve your potential and live life to the fullest.

We are always growing our practice and make sure that when people go to the Helensvale Medical Centre for medical assistance, we are able to send a fully trained doctor to them immediately. We ensure that any emergency visits to the medical centre for medical help take place immediately, as soon as possible.

We aim to have each and every patient in the Helensvale Medical Centre feeling at ease. To do this we have an extensive range of medical equipment software for use by our medical staff.

We provide all of the same services that are available at your own hospital medical practice, with the addition of extra features, such as a 24-hour walk in triage service, emergency waiting rooms, changing room facilities, hospital grade private van transportation and much more. For further information about what is available, please view the website.

We are proud to be in Helensvale and are eager to have you make a difference to the lives of the people that we serve. Contact us today for a free consultation and start to feel the difference that you will be making in others lives.

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Vascular disorders

The vascular disorders , sometimes previously classified as non-thrombocytopenic purpuras, are characterized by easy bruising and bleeding

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