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Facial Liposuction

Facial liposuction is used to reduce submental and neck fullness. These excessive fat deposits are typically located superficial to the platysma. This can be detected by having the patient “tense their neck” or attempt to move their chin inferiorly against finger resistance then


gentllsping the suhmcntnl area or neck fold with the thumb and forerinucr I i.e .. pinch test). The purpose oi liposuction it hunderlying coalesced fatty deposits allowing the overlying Skin to redrape over a newly formed neckline. This occurs partially because of the direct removal of fat. further “shrinkage” of fat deposits occurs as a result of circumferential scarring of  the fat as <\ result of instrumentation with the suctioncannula during tat removal. Younger patients often have facial liposuction as a single procedure because they


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