Facial <lging Involves the changes to the skin resultant effects.on the skin’s appearance and those of tillunderlying sot; tissues. 0:atural aging combined with sun exposure produces  of skin changes. Natural aging results in Joss of skin elas.ticity and collagen. melanocyte pigmentations, and fat atrophy~ Sun exposure adQs photo aging caused by ultraviolet light. .Ultravlolet light from sun tanning damages the skin’ and eventuallv causes a wrinkled, pigmented, and weathered appearance. Solar radiation also leads to an increased incidence-of skin cancers. Gravitational changes-on the skin and underlying
tissues cause deep forehead lines, drooping brows, eyelid skin laxity and puffiness, loss of cheek roundness, and’ sagging neck and jaw lines (Fig. 26-1). . ‘ Although aging is an individual phenomenon, many factors can influence the appearance and rate of aging. These include general health, sedentary life style, sun exposurj, genetic influences, nutritional balance,  alcohol ‘consumption, and Cigarette smoking. Cigarette use, withits vaso ctive .effects of nicotine, accelerates skin aging  nd. reduces the body’s ability to repair wounds. The vasoactive effects can lead to poor healing in some esthetic

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