Drug Abuse and Dependence

In addition to alcohol and nicotine, there are a number of psychotropic substances that are used for their effects on mood and other mental functions .


Adolescents engage in glue-sniffing for the intoxicating effects produced by the solvents inhaled. The glue is sniffed directly from tubes, plastic bags or smears on pieces of cloth. Tolerance develops over weeks or months.

Intoxication is characterized by:

• Euphoria
• Excitement
• A floating sensation
• Dizziness
• Slurred speech
• Ataxia

Acute intoxication can cause amnesia and visual hallucinations. The habit is dangerous because:

• Inhaled vomit can lead to asphyxiation.
• There is a risk of tissue damage, including damage to bone marrow, brain, liver and kidneys. Death can occur.
• Acute intoxication can also result in aggressive and impulsive behaviour.

Commonly used drugs of abuse and dependence.
Commonly used drugs of abuse and dependence.

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