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Chief Complaint

Chief Complaint Every patient should be asked to state the chief complaint. This can be accomplished on a fofm the patient completes, or the patient’s answers should be transcribed (preferably verbatim) into the dental record during the initial interview. This statement helps the clinician establish priorities during history taking and treatment planning. In addition, by having patients formulate a chief complaint, they …

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Biographic Data

Biographic Data The most important information to obtain initially from a patient is biographic data. These include the patient’s full name, address, age, gender, occupation, and marital status, as well as the name of the patient’s primary care  physician. The clinician uses this information, along with an impression of the patient’s intelligence and personality, to assess the patient’s reliability. This is …

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MEDICAL HISTORY  An accurate medical history is the most useful information a clinician can have when deciding whether a patient can safely undergo planned dental therapy. The dentist must also be prepared to predict how a medical problem will alter a patient’s response to planned anesthetic agents and dental surgery. If obtaining the history is well done, the physical and laboratory …


Preoperative Health Status Evaluation

Preoperative Health Status Evaluation The extent of the medical history and the physical and laboratory exarninatlons of patients requiring ambulatory dentoalveolar surgery usually differ from that necessary for a pattent requiring hospital admission for surgical procedures. A patient’s primary care physician typically performs comprehensive histories and physical examinations of patients; it is impractical and ot little value for the dentist to duplicate this process. …

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Preoperative Health Status Evaluation

CHAPTER OUTLINE MEDICAL HISTORY Biographic Data Chief Complaint History of Chief Complaint Medical History Review of Systems PHYSICAL EXAMINATION MANAGEMENT OF PATIENTS WITH COMPROMISING MEDICAL CONDITIONS Cardiovascular Problems Ischemic Heart Disease Angina Pectoris Myocardial Infarction Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Coronary Angioplasty Cerebrovascular Accident (Stroke) Dysrhythmias Heart Abnormalities Predisposed Toward Infective Endocarditis Congestive Heart Failure (Hypertrophic Cardlomyopathy) …

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