Patients who have had extractions may avoid eating because of local pain or fear of pain when eating. Therefore they should be given very specific instructions regarding their postoperative. diet. A high-calorie, highvolume
liquid diet is best for the first 12 to 24 hours.  The patient must have an adequate intake of fluids,usually at least 2 quarts, during the first 24 hours. The flu ids can be juices, milk, water, or any other beverage that
appeals to the patient. Food in the first 12 hours should soft and cool. Cool and cold foods help keep the local uacomfortable. Ice cream and milkshakes, unlike solid foods, tend not cause local trauma or initiate rebleeding episodes.
If the patient had multiple extractions in alflareas of the mouth, a soft diet is recommended for days after the surgical procedure. In n patient have surgery only in an isolated quadrant or  mouth, which leaves the opposite side free to chew. the patient should be advised to rett;rn to a normal diet as soon as possible. Patients wlto are dibetic should be encouraed 0return to their normal insulin and diet routine as soon as possible. For such patients the surgeon should plan gery in only one side of the mouth at each surgical sitting.
thereby not interfering with the normal dietary intake.

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