One of the most important instruments used in the extraction procedure is the dental elevator. These instruments are used to luxate teeth (loosen them) from the surrounding bone.Loosening teeth before the application of the dental forceps can frequently make a difficult extraction easier. By luxating the teeth before the application of the forceps, the clinician can minimize the incidence of broken roots and teeth. Finally, luxation of teeth before forceps application facilitates the removal of a broken root should it occur,because the root will be loose in the dental.socket, In addition to their role in loosening teeth from the surrounding bone, dental elevators are also used to expand alveolar bone. By expanding the buccocortical plate of bone, the surgeon facilitates the removal of a tooth that has a limited and somewhat obstructed path for removal. Finally, elevators are used to remove broken or surgically sectioned roots from their sockets. Elevators are designed with specific shapes to facilitate the removal of roots from sockets.

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