Density of Surrounding Bone

Density of Surrounding Bone

The density of the bone surrounding the tooth plays a role in determining the difficulty of the extraction.  Although some clues can be seen on the radiographs,variations in radiograph density and angulation  render interpretations based on radio graphs unreliable. Bone densityis best untitled

who are 18 years of age or younger have bone densities  favorable for tooth removal. The bone is less dense, is more likely to be pliable, and expands and bends somewhat,which allows the socket to-be expanded by elevators
or by luxation forces applied to the tooth itself. Addltionally, the bone is easier to cut with a dental drill and can be removed more rapidly than denser bone. Conversely, patients who are older than age 35 have denser bone and thus decreased flexibility and ability to expand. In these patients the surgeon must remove all interfering bone, because it is not possible to expand the bony socket. In addition, as the bone increases in density,it becomes more difficult to remove with a dental drill,  a nd the bone removal process takes longer.





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