Once an extraction has been completed, the initial maneuver to control postoperative bleeding is the placement of a  small, damp gauze pack directly over the empty socket.Large packs that cover the occlusal surfaces of the teeth <10- not apply pressure to the bleeding socket and should not be used (Fig. 10-1). The gauze should be moistened .the oozing blood does not coagulate in the  dislodge. the clot when the gauze is remover. ill’ patient
should be instructed to bite firmly on this  at least


the hemorrhage and to swallow their saliva instead of spitting  it out. Finally, no strenuous exercise should be performedfor the first 12 to 24 hours after extraction, because the increased circulation may resultin bleeding. Patients should be warned that there may be some oozing during the night. and that they will probably have some blood on their pillows. This will prevent many frantic telephone calls to the surgeon in the middle of the night. Patierits should also be instructed that if they are worried
about their bleeding, they should call the dentist tb get additional advice. Prolonged bleeding, bright red bleeding, or large clots in the patient’s mouth are all indications  for a -return visit. The dentist should then xamine
the area closely and” apply appropriate measures to  control the bleeding (see Cha.pter 11).




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